10 thoughts on “Prayer”

  1. The work that you and Taylor are doing in PNG is amazing. This village is so very lucky to have you caring for them. After reading your post my heart goes out to the women of this village and the challenges and struggles they face and for you and Taylor. I can’t even imagine…. Your work and faith are such an inspiration. Sending lots of love prayers your way! ❤️


  2. Laura, no words that I can think of are adequate to respond to this, so please know how much I love you and Taylor, and that I will pray for the situations that you are in as you minister spiritually and physically to these precious people.


  3. Continuing to pray for the work God has called you and Taylor to…I can only imagine the grief you carry each day. May God pour out his mercy, grace, love, peace, and comfort onto the patients you serve.


  4. Your card w/picture is on the night stand right next to my bed and I pray for you and your work DAILY!!! You have a most difficult job w/mothers emotionally especially. PRAY THAT GOD WILL KEEP YOU HEALTHY AND WITH WISDOM AS YOU DEAL DAILY W/TRAUMA!!


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