Our Stories


She’s here on a Wednesday. My Wednesday morning gynecologic clinics are usually my day for established patients; Mondays are for new consults. But, she’s here as a more urgent referral from one of my colleagues in our outpatient department. Her diagnosis – cervical cancer. Yet, for a brief moment, I doubt the diagnosis. Surely she … Continue reading Consolation


“The world thirsts for grace. When grace descends, the world falls silent before it.” Philip Yancey, What’s So Amazing About Grace? Grace. I have meditated on the grace of God many times over these past two months since we began our work here. It is something I have often needed extended to myself, while simultaneously … Continue reading Marimari

Hello Kudjip!

Before I begin…we tried our hand at something new – check out the podcast we recorded with my brother (and now producer/editor?!), Jason! We wanted another way to keep in touch with all of you that felt a little more personal than written posts. This first episode is a little bit of an intro to … Continue reading Hello Kudjip!

The watched pot…

A wise man once said life has 3 phases: preparation, the journey, and reflection. Through years of learning, molding, pursuing, failing, growing… we have felt a persistent calling, identified it’s roots, and diligently pursued its fruition (read our “About” page for more on our story). We now sit at the brink of a passion becoming … Continue reading The watched pot…