10 thoughts on “Marimari”

  1. Laura,
    I love seeing how God is working and, I believe, speaking through you. I’m so proud to have shared a friendship, education and dorm room with you. Thank you for this beautiful reminder of God’s grace which I desperately need in my own life. You’re in my families prayers.


  2. I so enjoyed your post. The pictures bring back many sweet memories. My husband and I served in PNG from 1963-1981.We were the first missionaries at Melanesian Bible College. We will add you to our prayer list. God has blessed the work there in such an amazing way.


  3. My dear sister Laura,
    My heart is full of emotion as I read your post this evening. I am in awe of God’s hand upon you both as you and Taylor submit each day to His will, His way and His time in your lives. Thank you for your insight and experience of the Grace of God. We sometimes neglect to recognize, extend and embrace grace, yet He still freely gives it.
    What a blessing you are not only to those you are treating and loving in Marimari, but to those of us who follow you.
    We will continue to pray for you all and look forward to each post as the journey continues.
    HUG each other for me please ;-)Love you. Missy


  4. Your telling us of the experiences you are having is FASCINATING!!! Mission work is in a category all of its own. I pray for you nightly before going to sleep and sounds like our prayers for you are being heard & answered. IT’S JUST LIKE JESUS!!!


  5. God will not waste your time or give you something He can’t work with you to do. Enjoy His help!!!!


  6. Dear Laura
    Thank you for this reminder of Gods grace! My last conversation with my brother was about Gods grace. I was going through something and he explained to me about Gods grace in a way I had never thought about. …So simple but yet profound .May our love and prayers surround you both
    Aunt Pam ❤️


  7. Your love for God and your work radiants thru your posting. God is truly using you for His good.God Bless you both and your work.


  8. Dear Laura … you have articulated a very humble and personal understanding of God’s grace. I believe it is only when you have truly experienced the need for grace in great amounts that you are then able to have such a deep understanding of what God’s grace means, how much we all need it and how it truly permeates this world and us.
    Prayers and Love to you both, Uncle Gary


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