I’ve been working on this post since October. I have sat down to write it multiple times and have (somewhat willfully) allowed myself to become easily distracted each time. Posts like this are hard for me to write. Not only do I often grapple with the idea of sharing the painful stories of suffering that … Continue reading Prayer

Weep with Me

Meet John. He has worked with the maintenance team here at Kudjip for 4ish years now, first on building projects, then on our grounds crew cutting grass and collecting rubbish most of his days.  In the 1.5 years I’ve been in PNG, John has never complained, and has rarely asked for anything. At our daily … Continue reading Weep with Me


She’s here on a Wednesday. My Wednesday morning gynecologic clinics are usually my day for established patients; Mondays are for new consults. But, she’s here as a more urgent referral from one of my colleagues in our outpatient department. Her diagnosis – cervical cancer. Yet, for a brief moment, I doubt the diagnosis. Surely she … Continue reading Consolation


“The world thirsts for grace. When grace descends, the world falls silent before it.” Philip Yancey, What’s So Amazing About Grace? Grace. I have meditated on the grace of God many times over these past two months since we began our work here. It is something I have often needed extended to myself, while simultaneously … Continue reading Marimari

Hello Kudjip!

Before I begin…we tried our hand at something new – check out the podcast we recorded with my brother (and now producer/editor?!), Jason! We wanted another way to keep in touch with all of you that felt a little more personal than written posts. This first episode is a little bit of an intro to … Continue reading Hello Kudjip!

The watched pot…

A wise man once said life has 3 phases: preparation, the journey, and reflection. Through years of learning, molding, pursuing, failing, growing… we have felt a persistent calling, identified it’s roots, and diligently pursued its fruition (read our “About” page for more on our story). We now sit at the brink of a passion becoming … Continue reading The watched pot…