The watched pot…

One thought on “The watched pot…”

  1. MARCH 1st your on a plane winging your way to PNG. love you friend May you have Jesus ever so close as you are Jesus to countless others. Know we think and pray for you as continue this walk. Yes a few hiccups, but know you 2 can handle it. Looking forward in learning about your adventures with Jesus as you are the hands and feet of our savior. Prayers winging their way brother.

    Oh we finally both just got our first covid shots. maybe life can be more normal for 2 older folks. G is still not as healthy as she needs to be. Our oldest daughter got covid and 3 of her kids along with husband. A real mess she has been pretty sick rest have mostly gotten over it. Not sure what she is going to do almost 2 weeks already and she still can’t function.

    Spent a good hour on phone with Wendell and caught up with his life and his new grand son. Says pheasants are coming into the barn and eating horse spilled grain He bout some grain to feed them. but now with the week of above temps feed will be available. in one week we went from 20 inches of snow to 4 inches a many bare spots developing. Spring is coming.

    Love you will be in my prayers Leroy


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