Hello Kudjip!

14 thoughts on “Hello Kudjip!”

  1. Laura & Taylor,
    Thank you for sharing your new life with us. What a blessing you are. Our thoughts & prayers are with you daily.
    Smiles, &
    God’s blessings,
    Karen & Dave Larimore. 😄❤🛐


  2. Beautiful pictures, so thankful for you both!!! Keep Sharing Pics and life experiences! Praying for you both!!


  3. Miss you already! Keep the updates coming as we love to hear from you. Continued PRAYERS and virtual 🤗 HUGS. —-Sending our love ❤️ R&M


  4. Wow! What a blessing, and you two haven’t even arrived there yet. I hope we can hear from you often. God bless you and keep you. Thaine


  5. Can’t wait to hear your next podcast, and I’m glad Jason didn’t cut off that last part! So excited for you both as your dreams finally become your reality.


  6. Wonderful to hear you sharing as your journey begins. Our prayers are with you as acclimate to the climate, serve the people in PNG, and to your new life. Ps. 90:17 “Let the beauty of the Lord our God be upon us. And establish the work of our hands for us”


  7. This is awesome!! So glad you have arrived safely and working through quarantine. Continuing to pray as you settle in, learn the language, and serve the people of PNG. May God continue to use and grow each of you in this new journey.
    Kendra Lambert


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